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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2011 10:31am-11:01am PST

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this is an energizer bunny. in >> thank you. thank you very much. when thendy wiler. [applause] keep your hand on your wallet. she is from the cell corp. and the liaison to alas and head of our sponsorship corp. and has earned the nickname of the energizer bunny. in there you go. [applause] finally, in our boston office, as you know we have the collaboration where our financials is done by the cell corp., which is headquartered in boston, but we also have another staff person. her name is hondya salim.
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she is also an energizer bunny. watch her come up here. [applause] they are pour into sleep with their bunny's tonight. -- they are going to sleep with their bunny's tonight. it is time to turn it over to carlos, and he will finish the program we have for you today. and this is probably the first time you're going to hear this. we have a raffle on friday afternoon that you have to be present to win. it will get all kinds of tickets. the prizes are listed in your program, and they are not out. you might want to start thinking about that and see what you can do to get those tickets for the final raffled, because you have to be there to be able to win
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it, and remember that marriott cheese will be there. -- mariachies will be there. hope to see you there. here is carlos, president of the latino association. >> i am going to do my welcoming remarks to our morning, so i will keep this brief, because i think it is exciting to good of all here, but tomorrow you were in for a very dynamic show. in this conference is -- belongs to all of us, and it will only be as good as we make it. as we know, we are latinos, so we will make it really good. we will have a lot of fun. we're producing, the ants. this is not your typical credo
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conference. if you were expecting that, and i will repeat it tomorrow. if you are expecting that, you should probably go home. we take pride in the past that our culture is who we are, and we're going to reflect that in this conference. we will have a great time. in >> secretary held as a lease was not able to come today, but she sent as a video, and i just wanted to give you a little background about her, because she was confirmed as the secretary of labor on the there were 24, 2009. prior to her confirmation as secretary of labor, she represented the 32nd congressional district in california, the position she held from 2001-2009. in the congress are priorities including expanding action to affordable health care, protecting the environment and
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protecting -- improving the lives of working families. a nationally recognized leader on the environment, she became the first woman to received the john f. kennedy profile in courage reward in 2000 for pioneering work on environmental justice issues. it was the first of its kind in the nation to become law. she was elected to public office in 1985 as a member of the college board of trustees. she served in the california state assembly from 1992-1994, and in 1994 made history by becoming the first latina collected in the california state senate. she also offered a record 17 at state laws aimed at combating domestic violence. she earned a master's degree of public administration at the university of southern
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california. a former federal employee, she worked in the carter's white house office of hispanic affairs and was appointed later as a management analyst with office of management and budget in the civil-rights division. she was nominated by barack obama to serve as secretary of labor on january, 20, 2009. now we would like to present this personal video from her. >> good afternoon. thank you superintendent garcia for that introduction, and thank you to all the superintendents, administrators from our principles, and educators to come to san francisco for the eighth annual conference hosted by alas. never in american history has
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your work been more important, because never in our history has this nation did more depend on the education we provide our latino youth. let me begin -- let me begin by congratulating you on getting the leadership academy off the ground. i wish you great success with this important endeavor, and let me also take this opportunity to commend you for your thoughtful leadership in the field of the english language learning -- learning. your scholarship, white papers are so crucial, because strong language skills are the foundation of a strong education. i am so proud of your commitment to giving latino youth of first- grade education that prepares them for college and successful careers. having latino role models and mentors is so important to the future of our young people. i am living proof. my mother immigrated to escape poverty. she stayed hope for many years to raise my brothers and sisters
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and me. -- she stayed home for many years to raise my brothers and sisters and me. like many families, my parents made many sacrifices so my six siblings and i could live up to our potential and achieve what ever our talents would allow. though our family cannot afford much, we always have each other. i parents knew the only way for their children to have a better life was to get an education. i was a good student in high school, but it did not think about college. no one in my family ever had. one of my guidance counselors told me i was not college material. he told the i was best suited for office work and suggested i became -- become secretary. as he turned out, i -- he was half right. i stand before you today because i had a wonderful latino role
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model in high school. his name was robert sanchez, and he was my high school career counselor. he put the college application in my hand and told me to the without, and so i did. i owe him so much. i want to challenge each of you in this room to be the mentor, the support system, because latino youth are counting on you to show you the way. one of our most urgent problems is our drop out crisis in america. every day in america's 7000 students dropped out of high school. that is one drop out any -- every 26 seconds. earning a ged can be critical to getting our young people back on track to continue their education and get a good job. however, just one in 10 latinos to drop out and earn a ged. we know the drop out crisis with -- risks america's
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competitiveness in our economic future. we must give our youth a second chance to earn at work force skills. if we do not, we lose valuable contributors and risk falling further behind other countries. at the department of labor whenever most exciting programs is called youth build. it gives young people that second shot. and through youth build students are in their high school diploma or ged. they gained real work experience by building affordable housing in their local communities. they get an industry-recognize credentialed and construction to help them get jobs when they graduate. and this is so critical, because in the next eight years there will be 48 million job openings corridor recent study. nearly two and three will require some sort of post secondary indication. unfortunately, we are under
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prepared to beat this need. by 2018 we need an additional 3 million americans to get a degree beyond their ged. it is crucial we equip latinos to help make up the difference. by 2018 we will represent 18 percent signed of the work force. that is a 20% growth rate in the labor sector. that makes this the fastest- growing group in this country. currently latinos are less likely to have a college degree than both white and african american counterparts. latino workers earned only 70 cents on the dollar compared to whites. we know we can turn these numbers around, but to do so we must harness the talent of our best and brightest. that is why president obama and i continue to fight in washington for passage of the dream act. we need to stop demonizing in is a young people for the actions of their parents by denying them a chance to earn an education or
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serve in the military. they deserve a chance to obtain legal status by pursuing a higher education or serving in the military they love. here in the capital, the president and i are fighting for passage of the american jobs act. you have probably heard about this bill, but there is one section i would like to highlight that will make a big difference for low income latino youth. the american jobs act would invest $5 million in underserved communities. our goal is to make it easier for low income latino youth to get summer employment so they can acquire the skills needed for a long-term careers. the recovery act provided more than 367,000 summer jobs at -- summer jobs opportunities. but that opportunity is gone. the offer a lifelong employment skills. the president's pathway back to
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work fund will bring the program back and provide support to offer summer jobs for low-income youth in 2012. these are just a few of my priorities in washington as we fight for the future of latinos in the future of our educational system. to all my friends at alas, i am so happy that you are on the front lines of this fight. together we will secure a better future for our young people, the latino community in this great country. think you for this opportunity to speak with all of you. please keep up the great work and have a wonderful conference. [applause] >> gracias, secretary. anyway, -- we just want to introduce someone, because they are important. they are sponsoring our event.
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are you ready to go have a great conference? can i hear you? you are here. come on up. here she is. i could not see you back there. come on up. this person deserves a cheer. she is going to party with us. good thing i was paying attention. i was expecting carlos to do this at the reception, so i really got i was paying attention. - glad- glad i was paying attention. i am pleased to represent our company on hispanic education. i want to add my greetings to those who have heard from this
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evening. we haven't been in ball for nearly five years -- we have been involved for nearly five years. each year our partnership has grown. we provide strong foundations for hundreds of school districts are broaround the country. for those of you who do not know how earmarkaeromakrrk, we work e educational systems to deliver mutually determined quality and excellence that greatly impacts each school district's achievement of goals for the students and communities. we take seriously our commitment to help create nutritious, state, and clean up learning environments. community engagement is an important part of what we bring
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to public/private partnerships. it is part of why we believe strongly in supporting education associations like this that provide a wealth of resources for its membership. for instance, we partner to develop a white paper on confronting the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, which as we know effects children of color at alarming rates. they have done a good job of making the research available, and we invite you to visit our table during the reception in addition, there are other education organizations we support that you might be interested in. for instance, we have been a sponsor of the hispanic college fund, working closely with the dallas hispanic education fund that to explore college education and professional careers. our markets have active
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participation with the hispanic association of college of universities. the note i was writing before carlos called me reminded me that used bill is an organization that the local team in providence, rhode island work with. we're trying to do our part to make sure we support hispanic youth throughout the country. in closing, i would like to introduce to you some of the folks who have joined me in the summit. i see them coming out. i hope you will get a chance to meet them if you have not are ready. but me introduce them to you. in if you could raise your hand. the director of business development. [applause] orlando works in texas, new mexico, and oklahoma. if you are from those areas, certainly try to spend some time
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with him. vice president of operations. oliver is out of the south central region, and as much of his work in texas also. we have wr smallmolares. he is community relations manager for the business we do at houston independent school district. i have to tell you, my work is in community relations, and we have three account level managers, and all of them are latino. it was not planned that way, but really nice that it worked out that way. i work closely with them. is mike in the room? markets here. mark of director of business development. he is covering texas,
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california, colorado, nevada and arizona. very glad we have colleagues over on this side of the country that could be here with us. we want to thank alas for giving us the opportunity to be involved with this conference. i have to tell you, he was absolutely right about windy. she is a hard sell, but i'm glad she is because of allows us to of the participation with the organization. thank you. [applause] last but not least i want to thank robert daniels. he is in charge of visual and performing arts in our school district. you will hear a lot of different performances that he set up, along with his team. last but not least, there is a ton of people that are working the counters. they're all volunteers from the san francisco unified school district.
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how about giving them a big hand? thank you. it is a lot of work. do you know what time it is? it is time to party. let's have a great evening. see you tomorrow. >> sanrio famous for the designs for hello kitty.
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i thought i would try to make it as cute as possible. that way people might want to read the stories. then people might be open to learn about the deities and the culture. ♪ they reached out to make about five or six years ago because of the book published. they appreciated that my work was clearly driven from my research and investigation. after i contributed my artwork, the museum was really beside themselves. they really took to it. the museum reached out to me to see if i would be interested in my own space inside the museum. i tell them that would be a dream come true. it is the classical, beautiful
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indian mythology through the lens of modern design and illustration and storytelling. they're all of these great sketch as i did for the maharajah exhibition. i get a lot of feedback on my artwork and books. they complement. they say how original the work is. i am the first person to say that this is so derived from all of this great artwork and storytelling of the past. the research i put into all of my books and work is a product of how we do things that a-- at pixar. sometimes you will see him depicted monkey-like or as superman. i wanted to honor his monkey coloring. i decided to paint him white
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with a darker face. it is nice to breathe new life into it in a way that is reverent and honors the past but also lets them breathe and have fun. it is almost a european notion to bring these symbols and icons from southeast asia. they decorate their deities. it was a god they interacted with every day in a human way. the most important thing has been to create work that is appealing to me. i want to see vishnu to pick did in a modern way. it dawned on me by reinterpreting the deities in a way that is modern and reverent to the history, i am building a
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bridge for young and old audiences to make friends with the culture and these icons to learn their stories. ♪ >> the question when i started 11 years ago when i started doing resolution work is can anything be presented on a really low resolution device where it is potentially a digital image? can anything be presented that way? or will it feel cold and electronic? >> the imagery will change. there will be four different
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sets. it is a two dimensional image. it is stretched out into three dimensions. the device is part of the experience. you cannot experience the image without the device as being part of what you are seeing. whereas with the tv you end up ignoring it. i make gallery work more self and budget and public art work where i have to drop this of indulgence and think about how people will respond. and one of the things i was interested in the work and also a little fearful of, it is not until you get to the first and second floor were the work is recognizable as an image.
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it is an exploration and perception is what it is. what are you seeing when you look at this image? one of the things that happens with really low resolution images like this one is you never get the details, so it is always kind of pulling you in kind of thing. you can keep watching it. i think this work is kind of experience in a more analytical way. in other words, we look at an image and there is an alice going on. -- and there is an analysis going on.
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charles bennett's high school dream was to teach in the old neighborhood. but without the money for college, all he got was the old neighborhood. support the united negro college fund. a mind is a terrible thing to waste. >> the next time you take a muni bus or train, there could be new technology that could make it easier to get to your destination. many are taking a position of next bus technology now in use around the city. updated at regular intervals from the comfort of their home or workplace. next bus uses satellite technology and advanced computer modeling to track buses and trains, estimating are bought
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stocks with a high degree of accuracy. the bus and train our arrival information can be accessed from your computer and even on your cellular phone or personal digital assistant. knowing their arrival time of the bus allows riders the choice of waiting for it or perhaps doing some shopping locally or getting a cup of coffee. it also gives a greater sense that they can count on you to get to their destination on time. the next bus our arrival information is also transmitted to bus shelters around the city equipped with the next bus sign. riders are updated strictly about arrival times. to make this information available, muni has tested push to talk buttons at trial shelters. rider when pushes the button, the text is displayed -- when a rider pushes the button. >> the success of these tests
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led to the expansion of the program to all stations on the light rail and is part of the new shelter contract, push to talk will be installed. check out the new technology making your right easier every making your right easier every day impossible. announcer: when you open a book, you can explore new lands... [bird screeches] meet new friends, and discover new adventures. there are amazing possibilities when you open your mind to reading.
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[roar] you can log onto he library of congress website and let the journey begin. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i am the secretary to the police commission. on behalf of the commission, i would like to welcome everyone to the san francisco police department's 2011 medal of valor ceremony. please stand for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america into the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. please be seated. mayor lee was scheduled to attend but was not able to make


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